Method of prolonging the service life of power supply battery of communication base station

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

Methods for prolonging the service life of the battery in the communication base station:

According to the factors that lead to the reduction of the service life of the battery in the communication base station, in accordance with the actual situation, we show the following methods to extend the battery life.

1. Increase the power supply of diesel engines

For websites that are often powered off, according to the promotion of stationary gasoline engines or mobile gasoline engines to ensure that the battery can be immediately recharged after a power failure, Or to prevent deep charging and discharging of the battery. For websites with frequent power outages, in addition to the above methods, a unique battery must be used to solve the difficulties, such as the use of GEL rechargeable batteries. GEL is several times more frequent than AGM in the life of the circulatory system. It is proposed to use 2V rechargeable batteries on such websites to prevent the use of 12V rechargeable batteries.

For websites without AC current, it is difficult for diesel generators to ensure the power supply system (oil price increases and oil cannot be supplied immediately). A new power supply system plan must be adopted, and solar power supply and distribution can be considered. system.

2. Reduce battery over-discharge and replenish it in time

In the overall planning period of the switching power supply system plan, the charge and discharge curve of the battery must be integrated according to the amount of load current. The battery capacity can prevent the battery from losing electricity within the specified charging and discharging time. The general standard is that when the battery is charged and discharged within the time specified in the overall plan, the volume released by the battery is ≤80%.

After the switching power supply is enabled, if there is no voltage connection temporarily or the rechargeable battery is temporarily not used, be sure to cut off the full load of the battery to make the battery in a lead-circuit condition. Prevent the battery from charging and discharging with a small amount of current, resulting in reduced battery capacity or invalidity.

In the power supply battery management work, try to minimize the storage time of the battery in the warehouse for more than 3 months. If it cannot be installed for more than 3 months, then you need to consider charging the battery.

According to specific application conditions, adjust the operating voltage of the battery undervoltage protection to minimize overcharge and discharge and deep overcharge and discharge of the battery (small current overcharge and discharge). For websites that are frequently powered off, in order to increase the service life of the battery, it is stipulated that the working voltage of the primary load is ≥47V, and the working voltage of the second power-off is ≥46V.

After the switching power supply is enabled, manual intervention is implemented to charge the battery balance battery, and the balance battery charging time is ≥10 hours. For websites with frequent power failures, the battery charging current can be increased to reduce the battery charging time and increase the power consumption for early charging of the battery. According to the supervision module, the current index is adjusted to ~, and the larger current index cannot be exceeded.

According to the frequency and time of power outages of communication base stations, for websites with frequent power outages and long power outages, increase the charging time of the balance battery and change the charging time period setting of the balance battery. Adjust the original set cycle time of 180 days to 30 days or half a month to reduce the occurrence of sulfation.

3. Reduce high temperature hazards

If the battery is installed in the host room or square warehouse, air conditioning must be installed to ensure that the natural environment of the host room is at a suitable temperature. For outdoor power supplies, a shed must be built in the rechargeable battery cabinet to prevent sun exposure. According to the method of underground burying, the battery can be placed in a professional basement to ensure that the working temperature of the battery is not too high. It is best to use GEL rechargeable batteries with a wide temperature range for outdoor power sources to reduce the damage caused by high temperature or ultra-low temperature to rechargeable batteries and increase the service life.

4. Regular maintenance

After the battery has been in operation for a period of time, some rechargeable batteries will be out of date (generally, the DC voltage of the rechargeable battery cannot be Below all normal 50mV) or invalid conditions. If it is not handled in time, the outdated rechargeable battery will become more and more outdated until it is invalid. Invalid rechargeable batteries will cause other good rechargeable batteries to gradually become invalid over time, thereby destroying all lithium battery packs. Generally, the battery should be maintained every 3 months. The key is to check whether there is liquid leakage in the battery pack, whether there is any deformation of the casing, whether there is an outdated rechargeable battery, and whether the battery connection is rusted and fixed. The screws are loose, whether the working temperature is normal, etc. Only by ensuring timely handling and proper handling, can the normal life of the battery be guaranteed.

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