Method of connecting solar battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
With the widespread use of solar battery photovoltaic power generation systems, as a supporting battery has also attracted more and more attention.   The method of solar battery connection is: connect the positive electrode and the positive electrode of the solar battery and the negative electrode and the negative electrode. In this way, the power of the solar battery will be doubled, and the voltage is the same as the voltage of a solar battery. The two poles of the solar battery must not be short-circuited (to meet each other). Ordinary lead-acid batteries require frequent maintenance and large environmental pollution, so they are mainly suitable for maintenance or low-end occasions.Although alkaline nickel-cadmium batteries have better low-temperature, overcharge, and overdischarge performance, but because of their price Higher, only suitable for more special occasions.  The role of the solar battery  The working mode of the battery can be divided into two types: recycling and floating. It is often in the working state of frequent charging and discharging, that is, cyclic use; often in the charging state, it is used for floating charge, which can make up for the capacity loss of the battery due to self-discharge. VRLA batteries used in photovoltaic power generation systems belong to a recycling method.   Photovoltaic off-grid power generation system is a power generation system that uses the principle of photoelectric effect to convert solar energy into electrical energy. It usually consists of solar battery components, controllers, battery packs, DC/AC inverters, etc.
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