Measures to prevent premature damage of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Measures to prevent premature damage of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

1. When installing lead-acid batteries for maintenance-free batteries, it is not necessary to deflect the batteries by more than 40 before installing the batteries. The battery is well equipped and has good contact. When the bushing clamp is not loose, there is no need to rotate the bushing clamp forcefully to prevent the pole pile from loosening and harmful electromagnetic energy. When other electrical components are disassembled, the battery and battery should be disconnected.

2. The motor turn-on time should not be too long, should not exceed 5 seconds, the two start-up time is greater than 30 seconds, if the three start-ups fail, the cause should be found, fault detection, and then start.

3. Always check the level ratio of the lithium battery electrolyte. The electrolyte level of the lithium battery should be higher than the 1015mm electrode or the liquid level should be at the upper and lower liquid levels. The decrease in the electrolyte level of lithium batteries is due to the reduction in the cost of water volatilization during the operation of the car city battery. Only when it is known that the drop in the liquid level is caused by the explosion of the lithium battery electrolyte, the lithium battery electrolyte with the same relative density as the original lithium battery electrolyte is allowed. Check the ratio of liquid level to width, do not use various metal rods to prevent self-charge and discharge.

4. Charge the rechargeable battery immediately, charge and discharge the lead-acid battery by 50% in summer and 25% in winter. The lead-acid battery should be taken out of the car and charged. Always check the advantages and disadvantages of the generator set controller to prevent excessive battery charging or insufficient battery charging.

5. Lead-acid batteries are not allowed to use lithium battery electrolyte without maintenance. Dirt on the surface can easily cause short-circuit failure, and external electromagnetic energy can damage the battery. The metal oxide between the pole pile and the wire clamp can easily cause the flow of existing goods, and endanger the start-up of the motor and the consumption of other machines.

6. When used in winter, the battery should be used to keep warm or install antifreeze devices.

7. It is impossible to mix lithium-ion battery packs or old and new battery packs from different manufacturers with different battery packs, otherwise it will be produced. There is no need to charge the battery at the same time or reduce battery life.

8. If it is necessary to store the lithium battery pack, the rechargeable battery should be fully charged, and then separated from the charger equipment, and then the rechargeable battery will be stored in a cold, dry, naturally ventilated and clean area. Long-term batteries should also be used regularly for battery charging and maintenance. Lead-acid batteries and internal lithium-ion batteries have a long life problem, which is about 2% of the life of lithium-ion batteries per day. In other words, even if it is not needed, the lead-acid battery with sufficient battery will be released by the life of the internal lithium-ion battery. And the battery without electricity, its pole parts will quickly vulcanize the rubber, which greatly weakens the battery's working ability. Therefore, long-term discontinuation of lead-acid batteries monthly maintenance-free batteries solve the battery charging problem, up and down every 10 hours. When lead-acid batteries are rarely used for maintenance-free batteries, it is important to allocate rechargeable batteries to recharge each month to ensure that the rechargeable batteries remain sufficient to start.

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