Measures to prevent battery deformation

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

  Prepaid battery deformation measures


  Measures to prevent battery deformation include:


   (1) Try to increase liquid to extend or Avoid 'thermal runaway' and ensure the saturation of the electrolyte during the normal service life. This method has the risk of leakage and is difficult to control in the mass production process.


  (2) Avoid internal short circuit or micro short circuit or the tendency of micro short circuit.


  (3) During use Should prevent excessive discharge, storage should be full of electricity. Reducing overcharge means shortening the charging time in the “high voltage area”. Practice shows that the charge conversion efficiency at the end of charging is very low, and some can only reach 50%. Therefore, shortening this time is very beneficial for water loss. In order to achieve this goal, ordinary chargers use increased conversion current to achieve this goal, but this method may occur in the case of low-temperature charging failure. Therefore, many charger manufacturers have begun to develop a charger with temperature feedback control: The first is to compensate the battery charging voltage, that is, the higher the temperature, the lower the charging voltage, the higher the charging voltage, and the charging coefficient is about 3mV/cell ℃ ; The second is to control the conversion current by measuring the ambient temperature, that is, the higher the temperature, the higher the current, the lower the temperature, the smaller the current. In addition to the above control, some chargers also perform time control on the charging high voltage area, that is, start timing when the charging high voltage reaches the specified high voltage, and force the arrival time to float charging to prevent the high voltage time from being too long. When the temperature is high, this method is very effective.


   (4) The charging parameters of the charger must not be too high.


   (5) When charging at high temperature, it is necessary to ensure good heat dissipation of the battery. It is best to take cooling measures or shorten the charging time, otherwise the charging should be stopped.


  (6) The deformation can also be controlled by changing the number of plates. During the dissection of a battery in Shenzhen, it was found that some batteries had micro-short circuits. Once a short circuit or a micro short circuit occurs, the entire battery will be overcharged, which will greatly increase the terminal charging current of the battery (that is, the overcharge current). It is necessary to quickly lose water and thermally deform the battery. Reducing the number of plates will increase the gap between the plates and greatly reduce the probability of short circuits and micro short circuits, thereby reducing the proportion of deformed batteries.


  (7) Improve the battery grid alloy material. The water loss of the battery is related to the grid material, and the grid gassing overpotential (oxygen and hydrogen) directly affects the gassing volume. Use of high hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution overpotential (absolute alloy grids are assembled into low water loss batteries, and vice versa).


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