Matters needing attention in the use environment of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-20
Labels: Precautions for the use environment of lead-acid batteries Lead-acid batteries are widely used, whether in households, industrial or commercial use, everywhere. It is understood that 90% of the domestic automobile and electric vehicle industries and backup power facilities use lead-acid batteries. If the battery is used improperly, it is likely to cause serious economic losses or casualties. Therefore, the battery safety principles must be strictly followed when using the battery. This principle is not only in operation, but also the environment must be strictly required. Ambient temperature Lead-acid batteries are best used in an environment of 20°C, and their lifespan will reach the maximum. But its applicable range can be -20℃-50℃. If the ambient temperature is too low, the battery capacity will drop, and if the temperature is too high, the battery may explode. Ventilated and dry lead-acid batteries will emit a certain amount of acid mist when they are used. The current sealed valve-regulated lead-acid batteries have greatly reduced acid mist discharge, almost none, but if the use environment is sealed, it will be harmful to the human body. Harmful. An expert conducted an experiment, putting a lead-acid battery and a white mouse into a sealed container and heating them evenly at low temperature. The results showed that the mice in the airtight container died within an hour.
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