Matters needing attention in battery application

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

Precautions in battery application

1. The battery may cause hydrogen and may cause an explosion. It is forbidden to smoke around the battery, and prohibit all flames or sparks. When storing or charging the battery, be sure to place it in a well-ventilated place, but not at the exhaust port to avoid corrosion caused by acid mist.

2. The battery fluid contains corrosive liquids, which may cause more serious burns. Avoid touching your skin, eyes or pants. In the event of an accident, please wash immediately with plenty of cold water and seek medical attention immediately.

3. When checking or maintaining the battery, please use rubber gloves to prevent high-voltage shocks.

4. Keep the surface of the battery or the joints as clean as possible. Dust, debris, etc. should be removed with a damp cloth as much as possible, or the electricity may be removed, or even a fire may be caused.

5. When cleaning the battery, use wet wipes instead of dry cloths as much as possible.

6. The positive and negative stages of the storage battery cannot be connected by special tools.

7. The electrolyte temperature during battery charging shall not exceed 50℃ to prevent damage caused by battery electrolyte leakage.

8. To prevent fire, the power switch of the charging head should be turned off first.

9. The electrolyte surface of the battery is not less than the minimum value, otherwise the battery is easy to heat and burn.

10. Children and young people are not close.

If the battery electrolyte contacts the skin or eyes, wash it immediately. The key is to seek the help of a doctor. In control, it is necessary to prevent inaccurate control methods. In the control, the shape is very close to the top of the head and should be equipped with defensive glasses; the battery cannot be reflected in the use of fire and flame; when the battery is connected to the use of electrical equipment, it should be used with caution to prevent the number of machines or equipment. The key to the destruction of bottling equipment or bottling equipment is to seek the help of a doctor.

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