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by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-01
Engineers often use cheap small capacity battery multigroup parallel UPS requirements to achieve the bigger battery capacity, if the performance more groups of poor uniformity of batteries in parallel, poor performance, low voltage of the battery pack will be good battery performance down, lead to a complete set of UPS battery system failure in advance. At present performance uniformity mainly according to the battery voltage homogeneity measure, there are many domestic standards, such as the ministry of information industry YD/T 799 - - 1996 standard requirements for: 25 ℃ when the entire group float charging differential pressure is not greater than 2 v battery unit & plusmn; 50 mv, open circuit voltage difference is not greater than & plusmn; 20mV; Ministry of DL/T637 - - 1997 standard is: 25 ℃, if the battery system USES 2 v/batteries, open circuit voltage of the highest section with minimum section difference of no more than 30 mv, 6 v/battery is not more than 40 mv, 12 v/battery is less than 60 mv. General battery transmitte number should not exceed four groups, to prevent the early failure of a complete set of battery system, when choosing battery, should be put forward in terms of performance uniformity requirements. After confirmed the battery model, in a UPS system require manufacturers to provide best in the same batch of battery products, to reduce the differences in performance. Similarly, the different brand or the condition of different batteries, because there is a big performance difference, suggested that don't mix. Finally, be particularly pointed out that even if choose appropriate VRLA, also need to do some necessary routine maintenance and management, to avoid premature failure battery. 1 UPS battery maintenance along with the continuous development of science and technology, the performance of UPS is getting better and better, the average trouble-free working hours longer and longer, the reliability of the whole machine is higher and higher. Repair and maintenance of consumable storage battery in UPS is particularly important. 1. 1 new battery charge at the beginning of a new battery after installed, typically for a long time of charging, charging power supply needs to be done in accordance with relevant provisions of the specifications of the charge, after the battery charging, a discharge, discharge after recharging, purpose is to extend the service life of battery, improve the activity of the battery and charging and discharging characteristics. 1. 2 UPS power supply within the battery charging and discharging regularly sit idle for a long time or the battery in a floating state for a long time and not discharge, will bring a lot of in the battery lead sulfate adsorption to the cell surface of the cathode, the formation of the so-called battery cathode plate & other; The sulfuric acid salinization & throughout; , due to the lead sulfate is a kind of insulators, the formation of it will have a very good effect for battery charge and discharge, because the more sulfate formed on the cathode board, the greater the internal resistance of battery, the battery can charge and discharge performance is poor, which leads to batteries & other; Aging & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Active & throughout; Fall, greatly reduces the service life of the battery. Should every 3 ~ 4 months, artificially by interrupt mains or by software/hardware control means put UPS/rectifier charger in closed position, let the UPS battery discharge. For this & other; Activate & throughout; Battery and battery discharge operation, its discharge time to control in the normal discharge time of 1/3 ~ 1/4 is advisable. 1. 3 it is strictly prohibited to depth discharge sealed and maintenance-free battery service life is closely related to the battery discharge depth. Discharge depth refers to the user in the process of using battery, the battery out of hours Ann, count the percentage of the nominal capacity of it. Depth discharge can cause internal battery plate surface sulphates, causes the battery internal resistance increases, serious when the batteries in individual & other The pole & throughout; Phenomenon and the permanent damage of the battery. Battery discharge depth seriously affect the service life of the battery, the necessity, don't let the battery in the depth of discharge state. 1. 4 avoid over current charging flow from the inside of the battery positive and negative plate bending, the plate on the surface of the active material loss, cause the loss of battery capacity is available for use, serious can cause a short circuit inside the battery plate and damaged. 1. 5 avoid battery charged over voltage charging overvoltage often can cause the battery electrolyte contains water escape by electrolytic separation into hydrogen and oxygen, thus shortening the service life of the battery. 1. 6 change activity decline, battery internal resistance is too large ( 1) With UPS power supply using the extension of time, there will always be part of the battery charge and discharge characteristics will gradually become bad, terminal voltage decreases obviously, the performance of the battery could no longer rely on UPS power internal charging circuit to solve, will continue to use the existing hidden trouble, should be replaced in a timely manner. ( 2) For battery internal resistance increases, with normal charging voltage of charging the battery has not make battery charged restore its characteristics of battery should be replaced in a timely manner. Battery internal resistance is in commonly 10 ~ 30 m & Omega; , such as battery internal resistance of more than 200 m & Omega; , will not be enough to maintain the normal operation of the UPS, the resistance partial large batteries must be replaced. 1. 7 avoid battery charged a mixture of old and new or old and new battery hybrid as a result of the new battery internal resistance is small, the old battery internal resistance has a different degree of increase, when the mix of old and new battery charge, because the old battery internal resistance is big, partial pressure is relatively large, extremely easy to cause overvoltage charging phenomenon; With new battery internal resistance is small, small but charging voltage current is big, and easy flow phenomenon, so should be avoided in the process of charging and discharging of old and new batteries to pretend to be. 2 battery using the environment battery service life is closely related to the environmental temperature, the battery is in low temperature, the battery in the zinc plate easy pulverization, loss of electrical energy storage, to cause permanent damage. When the temperature is too high, the capacity of the battery will decline, serious can cause permanent damage. According to the battery manufacturer's specification, battery 20 ~ 25 ℃, is the best use of temperature in the temperature range of use, can prolong the service life of batteries.
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