Maintenance of maintenance-free battery in actual operation

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
The various maintenance-free batteries and charging equipment of the Electric Power Bureau, in actual operation, because the maintenance-free batteries are different from the lead-acid and cadmium-nickel batteries we used in the past, although they have the advantages of less daily maintenance and no need for replenishment, they are not It means that there is no need for daily maintenance and operation monitoring.   Maintenance-free storage batteries and advanced charging equipment provide a reliable guarantee for the safe operation and maintenance of the substation. The problems in the actual operation of maintenance-free storage batteries and charging equipment in the substations of the Electric Power Bureau were analyzed and discussed, and some operation and maintenance experience was summarized.  Maintenance-free battery and high-frequency charging equipment operation and maintenance  Maintenance-free lead-acid battery is designed for continuous floating charging applications, and can also be used for cyclic charging and discharging. The charging method must adopt the current-limiting-constant-voltage method. When the battery is charged at a constant voltage, the current gradually decreases and eventually stabilizes. If it drops below 0.01C10 and remains basically unchanged for 3-5 hours, this indicates that the battery is basically fully charged and can be switched to floating charge operation. The chargers can automatically complete the constant current charging, constant voltage charging and floating charging process of the battery according to the pre-set operating parameters.   The battery will lose a certain capacity if it takes a long time during transportation, storage and installation. If there is no need to check the capacity, the battery can be directly put into floating charging operation when the open circuit terminal voltage is ≥ 2.13V, but when the open circuit terminal voltage is 2.13V, the equalizing charge should be carried out first, and then put into floating charging operation.
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