Maintenance free storage battery maintenance - in actual operation-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-29
Power of all sorts of maintenance-free battery and charging equipment, in actual operation, because of the free maintenance battery is different from the past we use of lead and cadmium nickel battery, although has the maintenance quantity is little, without rehydration, etc, but it's not equal to the daily need not for maintenance and operation monitoring. Maintenance-free battery and advanced charging equipment for substation safe operation and maintenance provide reliable guarantee. For power belongs to each substation maintenance free batteries and charging equipment in practical operation are analyzed, the problems of sums up some experience in operation and maintenance. Maintenance-free battery charged and high frequency equipment operation maintenance free maintenance lead-acid battery for continuous float charging application design, also can be used to used to charge and discharge cycles. Charging methods must use current limiting & ndash; Constant pressure method. Battery at constant voltage charging current gradually decreases, and finally tends to be stable, if the drop to zero. 01 c10 below and keep 3 & ndash; 5 hours at constant basic indicating that the battery has already basic charge, can turn floating operation. Charger can according to set operation parameters according to in advance, automatic battery charged of constant current, constant voltage charging and float charging process. If a battery during transportation, storage and installation time is very long will lose a certain capacity. If do not need to check capacity, when the battery voltage of the open & ge; 2. 13 v can be directly put into floating operation, but the open circuit voltage of 2. 13 v should be balanced charge first, then put into floating operation.
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