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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-28
Maintenance-free lead-acid battery quick charging technology is developed on the basis of the conventional charging technology, no matter adopt what kind of charging system, lead-acid battery charging into flow process to comply with the bipolar sulphates theory. Battery electrode polarization phenomenon, and can be timely to join in the process of charging pulse discharge to eliminate. Therefore, in order to achieve quick charge, you need a variety of control, its control characteristic is: ( 1) Multivariate & ndash; — Such as to the size of the control of temperature in the storage battery, the charging current, charging time interval, the setting of depolarization pulse. ( 2) Nonlinear & ndash; — Charging current should be as for the recharge gradually reduce, otherwise, will cause the gas and the increase of temperature. ( 3) Discrete & ndash; — As the battery discharge status, use and preservation of different history, even the same type, same amount of similar battery charging condition is different also. We use the system for 24 v12ah free maintenance lead-acid battery quick charging test, start with 1 amp discharge, discharge termination voltage is 20 v. Charging current take 8 a ( 0. 66 c) After 50 minutes, charging, voltage of the battery to 24. In charge to 40 minutes, 5 v, depolarization cycle gradually shortened, reduced to 6 charging current. 2 a, after 2 hours and 10 minutes, charging automatically end, battery termination voltage of 28. 8 v, 5 minutes after the test voltage of the battery pack for 27. 6V。 The shell temperature of 15. 6℃。
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