Main technical parameters of valve-regulated batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

Main technical parameters of valve-regulated batteries. Battery characteristics and performance indicators. Battery technology: AGM technology (high-density patented laminated glass is selected) Volume: Fluctuating positive charge operating voltage is 100-4950 at 25c. When the full working voltage is 25c, the charging working voltage is 24 hours and 12 hours. Use period: 20 years (25c) l Multiple patent rights to ensure battery life and credibility (Patent No. 4,401,730) l, resistant The 30-year-old mfx aluminum alloy positive electrode sheet avoids the expansion of the pole sheet to 42kpa, increases the steam-gas recombination speed (99%), reduces the leakage of laminated glass without high water density, and avoids battery application for a period of time, which is more effective Preserving water for more than 20 years. Automated production processes such as tetravalent base, argon arc welding pole and helium leak detection extend battery life and strengthen the ability to prevent electrolyte leakage.

The basic principle of battery sealing:

(1) The cause of vapor in the battery:

When the battery is charged too much , The battery will dissolve water, the positive stage will cause O2, and the negative stage will cause H2

and the corrugated board will also produce h2

When the battery life of the lithium battery, the positive stage will cause O2, and the negative stage will cause H2

(2) Basic principle of oxygenate (basic principle of oxygen circulation system):

In addition to connecting pbso4 to pbo2, the positive electrode also has aerobic precipitation reaction, especially in the battery volume When it reaches 80%, the oxygen precipitation reaction is more obvious, and the two-level gas precipitation reflects the following: (2h2o24h4e(-)2h2eh2.

For the vrla battery used for floating, even if the floating power The flow is not large, but in the case of long-term floatation, in addition to part of the floating current of pbso4 for the positive and negative electrode specific chemical substances of the lithium battery life, the other part of the floating current is used for the electrolysis of water, so that the positive electrode dissolves oxygen , The negative electrode dissolves hydrogen.

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