Main functions and features of battery discharge instrument

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
Industrial control summary: The intelligent battery discharge instrument is specially designed for checking discharge experiment, capacity test, daily maintenance of battery pack, engineering acceptance and other DC power load capacity tests. The power consumption part adopts a new type of PTC, which is safe and pollution-free. The whole machine is controlled by a microprocessor, with LCD display and Chinese menu. The appearance design is novel, the volume is small, the weight is light, and the movement is convenient. The key input of various discharge parameters can also be downloaded from the computer. Once the parameters are set, the entire constant current discharge process is automatically completed. Fully realize the main functions and characteristics of the intelligent battery discharge instrument:   ? Microcomputer control: LCD display, Chinese menu, real-time display of various detection data (discharge current, total battery voltage, discharge time, discharge capacity, start-up time, internal temperature, etc. ), to know the operating status of the equipment at any time.  ? Keyboard operation: Set various discharge parameters and various instructions for machine operation through the keyboard (also can be directly downloaded through the computer).  ? Automatic protection: set the discharge time to reach the discharge capacity; the battery pack voltage is lower than the set minimum protection voltage; the load connection is abnormal, etc., automatically stop discharging and alarm, and automatically record the shutdown mode. ?Power-off function: If there is an unexpected power failure during the discharge process, the set discharge parameters and the data collected during the discharge process are automatically saved, and the discharge continues automatically after the power is received. Various discharge data are continuously stored without causing damage to the equipment damage.  ? Data collection: automatically collect and store various data at a faster frequency two minutes before discharging, and once every minute thereafter, it is convenient to analyze the performance of the battery pack. Data processing: various data detected and stored can be uploaded to the computer via RS232 communication port (485 port) or U disk, processed by special software (random configuration), and generate various intuitive curves reflecting the performance of the battery pack , Column chart, report form, and can zoom in, zoom out, print, query, etc.  ? Correction function: the displayed voltage and current values u200bu200bcan be corrected (verified) before or during the discharge.  ? Data storage: can automatically store multiple discharge data, shut down without losing.  ? Power consumption components: using new PTC, safe and pollution-free, no open flame, small size, light weight, fast heat dissipation.  ? Current control: new PTC and special discharge control methods are adopted, and there is no impulse current at the beginning of discharge to avoid damage to the battery.  ? U Disk Application: It is more convenient and faster for the data set, collected and stored during discharge to change during transfer.  ? Stable performance: The application of axial flow fan, IGBT single tube, new PTC (functional component) and strict inspection and aging at the factory make the performance of the whole machine very stable and durable.  ? Portable and flexible: The machine base is equipped with four impact-resistant casters, and two sides are equipped with handles, making the machine very convenient to use or move.  ? Convenient operation: the lead-in wiring and load switch of the battery pack are located on the left side of the case, and the working power supply, RS232 (485 port), USB port, etc. are located on the right side of the case. The operation panel and liquid crystal display are located at the top of the chassis, making the operation very convenient.  ? Complete configuration: according to user requirements, you can choose wooden box and aluminum alloy box packaging, and at the same time equipped with a connection line to the battery pack (one end is a quick plug, one end is a copper nose), RS232 connection line, U disk, etc.  ? Parallel function: multiple units can be used in parallel.
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