Key features of gel batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

Theoretically speaking, the difference between gel batteries and traditional lead-acid batteries is not only the hydraulic conversion into gel batteries. For example, the non-dry solid water-soluble colloidal solution belongs to the colloidal battery in terms of the structure and characteristics of the photoelectric catalytic classification. Another example is the attachment of polymer materials to the grid, commonly known as ceramic grids, which can also be called the application characteristics of gel batteries. In recent years, a targeted coupling agent has been added to the plate formula to improve the efficiency of specific raw materials. According to non-published materials, it can achieve an energy level of 70h/kg, which is today's industrial production practice. And the modern use of solid models of colloidal batteries.

The difference between gel batteries and traditional lead-acid batteries:

From basic understanding of electrolyte solution to gel, further development trend to electrolyte solution infrastructure construction Scientific research on the characteristics of photoelectric catalysis, and the marketing and promotion of grid diagrams and specific chemical substances in use.

The key features of colloidal batteries are as follows:

1: The key to the internal structure of colloidal batteries is the porous structure of SiO2. There are many small cracks, which can make the positive electrode of the battery cause oxygen It is successfully transferred to the negative electrode plate, so that the negative electrode can digest and absorb the chemical substance;

2: The acid water content of the gel battery is very large, and the volume is mostly the same as that of the Agm battery.

3: The internal resistance of the gel battery is very large, but the charge and discharge performance is not good.

4: Heat pipes dissipate heat, it is not easy to heat up, and the probability of heat pipes to dissipate heat is small;

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