Is the motorcycle battery better than a liquid battery or a dry battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

Is the motorcycle battery better with liquid batteries or dry batteries? Why? _ ... It is good to use dry batteries for motorcycle batteries. The so-called liquid batteries and dry batteries are the same thing, but the outer casing and packaging are different, but the internal structure is different. The same is the use of lead electrode plates and dilute sulfuric acid. However, the dry battery adopts a fully enclosed shell, and the water in the electrolyte evaporates slowly, so it is also called 'maintenance-free dry battery'. In fact, it still needs maintenance. Using dry batteries is more expensive than using The liquid storage battery is good because the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid) inside the battery will not be easily spilled and damage the motorcycle shell.

How to distinguish whether a motorcycle battery is filled with liquid or a dry battery... … The current motorcycles use dry batteries. To distinguish between the two, see if there are six round covers above the battery. If the round cover can be unscrewed, it is filled with liquid. If there is no cover, and there is a circular observation with a window on it. The hole is the dry battery.

Should the motorcycle battery be better with water or dry? _...... Maintenance-free and not dry, it also contains water~~ Now there are lithium batteries~ Actually 18650 batteries Group~Small size and larger capacity

Actually, motorcycle batteries are all water, because lead-acid batteries all need electrolyte, which is 'water'. Just 'dry' For the battery, absorb the 'water' on the cotton, and then paste the lead plate. Therefore, the dry battery is known as maintenance-free, and it does not need to do anything in one or two years, but the water will be reduced, and then the battery will be invalid. The capacity should be stable and solid, but the developed structure makes the pile head easy to corrode. If you pay attention to maintenance, the service life is better than that of a dry battery.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? _ ...... The water battery is good, but it is The battery with the same capacity is heavier than the dry battery, but it is durable. The life span is longer than the dry battery. Check the liquid level after a period of time. If the liquid level drops, please add battery replenishing liquid (the liquid level should be kept at the highest line and the lowest line Between). The water battery can be repaired, but you have to go to a professional store to repair it.

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