Is it reasonable that the car 4s shop requires three years to replace the battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

Because the long-term storage of the car may cause the battery to lose power, and it may cause safety hazards. People cannot ignore it. How long should the battery be used for replacement? Is it reasonable that the car 4s shop requires three years to replace the battery?

Three years to replace the battery is a more luxurious thing. In fact, the battery will not have a three-year lifespan. If you say that the battery is replaced in three years, the newly created theory of relativity is basically not an absolute value. Buyers You can change the time completely according to your own car application.

The three-year conversion proposed for the car 4S is because the application of rechargeable batteries after three years will have some reduced characteristics, which can naturally be disassembled, but can also be used again. The recommendation of Car 4 is only commercial insurance, and the average value chosen by the manufacturer, there are three more ideal exchanges.

The rechargeable battery is the only power point of the vehicle, and its working posture will immediately endanger the normal operation of the vehicle. When the battery volume drops to 80%, it is usually recommended to replace it. Because when the capacity is lower than this value, there will be many uncontrollable problems, not to mention that rechargeable batteries will be completely difficult in the short term, but there are certain safety risks. Once the battery is brittle, the internal resistance will expand. Of course, the rechargeable battery will accelerate the power loss rate during charging and discharging, so the wrong operation will over-temperature or some risks cannot be controlled.

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