Is it normal for lead-acid batteries to generate heat when charging?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

   Why does the lead-acid battery get hot and hot when charging? When charging, the lead sulfate inside the battery changes to lead or lead oxide, the sulfuric acid in the pores of the electrode plate increases sharply, the concentration increases, and the internal resistance increases, and the electrode plate resistance, electrolyte resistance, separator resistance, etc. all follow change. The simplest reason is that the resistance is too large to cause heating, which is a normal phenomenon.

   Lead-acid batteries are available in 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V, 24V series, with capacities ranging from 200mA to 3000A. VRLA battery is a rechargeable battery based on AGM (liquid-absorbing glass fiber board) technology and calcium grid plate. It has superior high-current discharge characteristics and long service life. When VRLA battery charging reaches its peak, the charging current is only used to decompose the water in the electrolyte. At this time, the positive electrode of the battery produces oxygen, and the negative electrode produces hydrogen. The gas will overflow from the battery, causing the electrolyte to decrease, and water needs to be added from time to time. .

   It is normal that the heating temperature of the battery is too high when charging, but the temperature cannot exceed 40 degrees Celsius. If it exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the charging should be stopped, and the charging will be performed after the temperature drops. The battery will heat up during the charging process. Don’t be fussing. The battery has internal resistance, and there is current during charging and discharging. The work done is mainly expressed in the form of heat. In general, a large voltage is directly clamped to the two ends of the battery during the charging process. To achieve the purpose of current charging, the current does not change during this process, and the voltage must be increased! The same reason is the same with the constant pressure method! So when the charging is completed, the voltage of the battery will be higher than the voltage marked on the battery!

   There are several reasons for the heating of the battery pack: 1. Current control, 2. Large internal resistance of a single battery, 3. Ventilation of the charging room, 4. The overall battery vulcanization.

   The internal resistance of the battery should be reduced after charging; you can measure the internal resistance of a fully charged battery, which must be much smaller than that of a discharged battery .

   charging heat, the current should be too large, because the battery has a certain internal resistance, it will generate heat, and this heat is difficult to quickly dissipate, because the battery is generally a plastic case , So the temperature of the battery will get higher and higher. Reduce the charging current, the degree of battery heating will be reduced a lot.


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