Inventory of battery maintenance knowledge in autumn

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
After the festival is also in the autumn, whether it is returning from a long-distance drive or after a midsummer scorching heat, your car has become a bit 'tired' at this time, and even its 'immune function' is greatly reduced, so the owner must not Ignore the maintenance of the car, otherwise it may not be able to survive the cold winter safely. The focus of autumn vehicle maintenance can be summarized as follows: 1. Check whether the valve is carbonized. Due to the valve carbonization, there will be slow acceleration, rapid refueling and tempering, difficulty in starting, etc.; 2. Whether the tire pressure is normal and whether there are scratches, and then The rubber is easy to harden and appear brittle in autumn and winter, and the tires are easy to leak air, or even puncture; 3. Antifreeze can not be replaced with water. Failure to replace the antifreeze in time is likely to affect the normal operation of the automobile cooling system; 4. Brakes Check the system frequently, pay attention to whether the brake fluid is sufficient, whether the quality has deteriorated, and should be filled or replaced in time when necessary; 5. Battery maintenance to ensure the smooth start of the vehicle and the normal use of other electrical appliances. As the power supply for the electrical appliances in the car, the selection and maintenance of the battery is very important. Car storage batteries are divided into traditional lead storage batteries and maintenance-free storage batteries. At present, most cars use maintenance-free batteries with a service life of 2-3 years. For maintenance-free batteries, many car owners will mistakenly believe that maintenance is not required. In fact, effective maintenance can prolong the service life of the batteries. Before doing daily maintenance, first choose a battery with better performance and better after-sales service. A battery with good performance can effectively improve the starting power of the car and avoid damage to the starter caused by multiple starts. The VARTA battery, which belongs to Johnson Controls Energy Power Business, owns the patented PowerFrame® grid technology. Due to the highway-style grid design, the electrical conductivity is increased by 70% compared with the same weight of the grid grid. . The area where the current is concentrated is thickened and reinforced to further strengthen the current output and make the start stronger. At the same time, compared with traditional grids, PowerFrame® grid technology has a 66% improvement in corrosion resistance, which can significantly reduce battery failure due to acid corrosion, thereby prolonging battery life. Owning a high-performance and high-quality battery, coupled with attention to maintenance in daily use, car owners can get greater benefits, and a better driving experience. The daily use of car batteries should be noted: each start time should not exceed 3 to 5 seconds when starting the car, and the interval between restarts should not be less than 10 seconds; the car often drives short distances, starting and stopping, will cause the battery to be under-charged for a long time State, shorten the service life; before leaving the car, check and make sure that all the lights and other electrical appliances (such as radio, CD) have been turned off; if the car is left unused for a long time, the battery should be fully charged first. At the same time, start the car every other month and run it at a medium speed for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, the storage time is too long, which will affect the starting performance of the car. In addition, pay attention to the maintenance of the vehicle: frequent dust removal in the car to reduce the harm caused by some harmful substances; in addition, the door shaft and guide rail are prone to rust due to the impact of wind and sand and the impact of car washing. If there is abnormal noise, this problem can be solved by applying anti-rust oil on it regularly. Not missing every place, not missing every detail, being considerate to your car is also considerate to yourself.
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