Introduction to battery operation and discharge mode

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

   1. Full charge release system. That is, the fans are installed centrally, charged centrally, and the batteries are distributed to the households, with two batteries in each household being used in turn.


  Wind power is limited by wind power, especially for small fans. The small wind is in the village, and the fans must be installed outside the village. The wiring is difficult in the countryside, so this method is suitable. Fans can be installed in better wind energy sites and can make full use of wind energy. The battery rotates to ensure full charge and discharge. The disadvantage is:


   I need more batteries, which increases the cost of investment and electricity.


   2. The battery efficiency is low (about 40%).


  3e battery's charge and discharge rotation is frequent, and the service life is short.


   always bring the battery with you to the user It is troublesome, it is easy to hit the battery; during operation, the electrolyte is easy to leak, which will cause a shortage of battery fluid or burn clothes.


  2. Semi-floating charging method. The working mode of the fan (DC power generation) and the battery power supply in parallel When electricity is not used (during the day), the fan generates electricity to charge the electric battery; when there is no wind, the electric storage battery is used to supply power to the load; when wind enters, the electric battery is powered by the fan to generate electricity and is used for power supply. This method is suitable for one to three households of one machine, the battery configuration is small, and the investment is reduced accordingly. The service life of semi-floating charging batteries is generally longer than that of full charging systems, and the battery efficiency is about 50%.


  3. Fully floating mortgage system. The battery pack and the wind generator are connected to the load circuit to keep the battery in the low current charging period. When the fan is supplying load, the voltage fluctuation caused by the wind speed fluctuation plays a stable role through the battery pack to ensure the normal power supply. The service life of the battery in this mode of operation is longer than the above two modes, the required battery capacity is greatly reduced, energy efficiency is improved, and battery maintenance is simplified. The efficiency of the entire power supply device can reach 60%/70%. This is how the Han Bao La Wind Power Plant works behind Chao Youqi.

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