Internal structure and principle of storage battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

The internal structure and principle of the storage battery:

The storage battery is a device that instantly converts chemical energy into electromagnetic energy. It is a rechargeable battery designed based on a rechargeable battery. Recharge through a reversible chemical reaction is usually referred to as a lead-acid battery, which is a type of battery and belongs to a secondary battery. Battery charging principle: battery charging uses external electromagnetic energy to produce internal active materials for remanufacturing. Electromagnetic energy is stored as mechanical energy, and chemical energy must be charged and discharged into electromagnetic energy, such as mobile phones commonly used in daily life.

It uses a lead substrate grid filled with spongy lead (also called a grid) as the negative stage, and a lead substrate grid containing lead dioxide as the positive stage, and uses a relative Concentrated dilute hydrochloric acid as electrolyte. When the rechargeable battery is charged and discharged, the metal material lead has a negative value, which causes an oxidation-reduction reaction and is converted into lead sulfate. When the rechargeable battery is charged with an AC battery, these two parts are converted into lead hydroxide and lead dioxide. After disassembling the switching power supply, restore it to the state before charging and discharging, which is an integral part of the chemical battery. Lead-acid battery is a continuous battery charging, charging and discharging, its single working voltage is 2V, rechargeable battery is a battery composed of one or more groups, usually called 6V, 12V battery, the other is 2V, 4V, 8V, 24V batteries. For example, the battery (ie, battery) used in a car is a 12V battery pack in which lead-acid batteries are connected in series.

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