Interesting applications of foreign solar cells

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-23
Tags: Interesting applications of solar cells abroad. Abroad, solar photovoltaic applications are very common and can be said to be ubiquitous. Today, let us take a look at several interesting applications of solar cells in their lives. 1. The application of solar energy in the Vegas welcome sign in the United States. In 1989, 'Welcome to the magical Las Vegas, Nevada' was established as a welcome billboard in Las Vegas, the United States. Recently, this card is powered by solar panels for lighting. The US Energy Information Administration stated that this solar landmark makes Nevada the first place in terms of solar energy development potential. 2. The application of solar energy in newspapers, newspapers also need power supply? Have you experienced dynamic newspapers? But a new technology invented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to glue a solar film as thin as a newspaper to a newspaper is really amazing, and it will also have a profound impact on the development of future materials. 3. The application of solar energy in parking lots In Sandpoint, Idaho, a company called SolarRoadways has built a solar parking lot consisting of a special glass layer, an LED lighting layer and a layer of solar panels. This innovative application will not only lead to the reform of the parking lot, but also have an impact on the development of such as rural roads and highways. This is a more noticeable development in solar applications. Instead of wasting so many places to build solar power stations, it is better to take local materials and use roads and parking lots as solar panels. 4. The application of solar energy in the trash can In some foreign cities or towns, you may see a large solar trash compression box. The trash can is equipped with solar panels, which can not only power the trash can to complete the task of compressing trash, but also enable wireless communication to send notifications to the trash company normally to remind when it is time to empty the trash can. The application of solar energy in this area has achieved high efficiency and multi-function, and cities, towns, and even universities can reduce the cost of garbage collection. 5. The application of solar energy in automobiles Recently Ford revealed its C-Max solar new concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show, which caused quite a stir. The special condenser mounted on the car can concentrate sunlight on the solar panel on the roof of the car. The panel is provided by SunPower, a leader in the solar energy industry in the United States. In any city in the United States, as long as the solar panels receive a day's sunshine, the car can run 21 miles. Obviously, this car is not designed for long-distance road trips. But if you park your car in an open place and most of the time you drive for short distances, why not buy one? There is no need to buy gas or recharge, which saves money and worry. Although it cannot replace traditional fuel cars, this does not mean that this innovative solar car has no place in the market.
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