Intelligent network UPS system

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
With the rapid development of the Internet, the mutual promotion of communications and computers, the power supply quality requirements for precision electronic equipment used in them, such as computers, program-controlled switches, industrial process control, and real-time control and computing systems in various industries, have become higher and higher. A new generation of smarter, more flexible management features, and more reliable network UPS systems are needed.  Intelligent Network UPS System   Network UPS Intelligent System is mainly based on the entire network as the management object. It refers to the addition of RS232, R485 interfaces and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) card communication interfaces at the output of the UPS host. Use these interfaces to connect to the corresponding communication interfaces on servers, routers, gateways and other equipment through dedicated communication cables, so that the UPS power supply and the computer network can be used to form an intelligent UPS power supply system with monitoring functions. At present, UPS network intelligence technology mainly has two aspects: one is to strengthen the new functions of UPS and coordinate with the software on the server, so that in addition to completing the most basic uninterrupted functions, the UPS can also realize event recording, fault alarm, and fault alarm on the network. UPS parameters are automatically tested and adjusted, etc.; the second is to strengthen the UPS energy-saving function. The intelligent network UPS system provides a complete power management solution by combining traditional UPS with a computer-connected hardware interface and specially designed software. The intelligent network UPS system realizes the communication between the computer and the UPS power supply through the interface. To make the fault information of the power supply system and the UPS status information to the computer system, the automatic query of the connecting cable between the computer and the UPS must be completed first to ensure the communication The accuracy needs to be initialized according to the specified communication protocol. Network design software and hardware products are usually based on SNMP, which interacts with the management information base on the network; by issuing SNMP commands, network administrators can control the network by retrieving information and issuing control commands on network devices; also The ability to handle message soft interrupts (message soft interrupts are messages that warn the network management station of important events such as the UPS using battery power).  Network UPS can use the existing computer communication interface to connect with the UPS communication interface, and then install the corresponding monitoring software on the computer. With the monitoring software, the computer establishes a communication link with the UPS. The computer sends instructions regularly, and the UPS returns information within a specified time. When the power supply is abnormal, the microcontroller inside the UPS will send the abnormal information to the computer in time. And the monitoring software sends out alarm information on the computer to remind the operator or network administrator to deal with it in time. If the relevant personnel are not on site, the monitoring software will automatically suspend the running programs of various software at the end of the UPS power supply time and prohibit the user from logging in. Automatically save the disk, keep the scene, etc., and send out warning messages to users through the network to notify the abnormal power supply information. At the same time, the monitoring software also has a complete UPS self-test function, which can test the status and battery capacity of the UPS. It can display and record the UPS output, input voltage, frequency, load, temperature, and battery capacity in the form of data and graphics, so that users can analyze, Diagnose and take precautions.  Intelligent network UPS system advantage  Networking Through the SNMP standard, you can monitor or manage the operation of any UPS in the network, and can remotely manage the UPS status parameters.  Intelligence Due to the application of microprocessor technology, the UPS system has realized intelligence. Intelligent network UPS generally adopts 8-bit or 16-bit microprocessor, which realizes communication between the serial interface of the microprocessor and the server, PC or terminal for data transmission, including UPS working status, input and output parameters and various instructions . On the one hand, the intelligent UPS realizes the monitoring of the self-state during the operation of the equipment, and preprocesses some failure phenomena to make it always run smoothly and reliably; on the other hand, it realizes the two-way data communication between the computer and the network and the UPS, and the user can Real-time monitoring of the operating status of the UPS power supply can be controlled on each node in the computer and the network.  Automation Automation refers to some self-tests performed automatically by UPS power supply to achieve a full range of automatic supervision functions.   Real-time performance Real-time performance is the requirement to monitor the status of each part of the circuit, and obtain relevant parameters when the host is working at any time.  Protective UPS provides targeted protection. UPSs that protect different electronic components have different characteristics. When the mains power fails, the UPS can instantly complete the process of switching to the back-up power supply, so that the computer can still run smoothly in the short-term power failure, without data loss and system shutdown; in the long-term mains power interruption Under the circumstance, the UPS device can start the power management software to realize the safe shutdown process of the computer system, and also ensure the integrity of the data; the UPS battery in the PC workstation will return to the full charge state at a very fast speed after the battery is exhausted In case of the next power outage. Security Security is a problem that must be solved in the remote management of information systems. In addition to the usual user name and password protection, various security authentications are used. Users can set the remote management mode by themselves and close the remote management channels that are automatically considered unnecessary. Improving the security of remote management is to ensure the security of the entire network communication system.   Digital Digital UPS software replaces a large number of analog devices, which greatly improves the integration of the product, and by modifying the software, it is easy to adjust the various characteristics of the system, which enhances the flexibility and intelligence of the system.
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