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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-20
Intelligent battery testing system has simple operation, high precision of steady flow ( < 1%) And automatically record each section battery terminal voltage ( Single section voltage precision & lt; 0. 1%) Success has advantages, such as prototype into mass production, and has set up a few substation in pilot run, can completely replace the traditional discharge device, has the very good application prospect. The battery maintenance in power system, in addition to conventional management of battery are floating charge, also need to the battery terminal voltage, single battery voltage inspection; Regularly to constant exile electric battery test, to test the capacity of the battery; At the same time to test the battery pack of the instantaneous large-current discharge ability, also need high discharge current dynamic experiment was carried out on a regular basis, every section of the battery internal resistance testing. Discharge module is the core of battery online monitoring system, integrated power electronic and computer control technology, mainly to complete the battery discharge current control, discharge parameters Settings, display and communication, and other functions; Battery main test battery each section of the battery voltage sampling module, communication with the discharge control module, etc.
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