Intelligent battery detection

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
The intelligent battery detection system has the advantages of simple operation, high stability current accuracy (<1%), and automatic recording of each battery terminal voltage (single cell voltage detection accuracy <0.1%). After the prototype is successfully developed, it has been put into mass production and has been In trial operation in several substations, it can completely replace the original traditional discharge device and has a good application prospect. In the maintenance of the battery pack of the power system, in addition to the conventional floating charge management of the battery, the terminal voltage of the battery pack and the voltage of the single cell also need to be inspected; the battery pack is regularly subjected to a constant current discharge test to verify The capacity of the battery pack; at the same time, in order to test the instantaneous high-current discharge capacity of the battery pack, it is also necessary to conduct a high-current dynamic discharge test on a regular basis to test the internal resistance of each battery. The discharge module is the core of the battery online monitoring system. It integrates power electronics and microcomputer control technology. It mainly completes the functions of battery discharge current control, discharge parameter setting, display and communication; the battery sampling module mainly detects the voltage of each battery cell, and Discharge control module communication and other functions.
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