Installation and maintenance of battery in UPS power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

General customers think that everything is normal when the UPS power supply works, and they think that they only need to follow the steps in the manual when using the UPS power supply. Technical professional project engineers feel that this kind of idea is unreasonable, and the installation and maintenance of UPS internal machinery and equipment is also very important. The battery is a key component of UPS. Proper application and maintenance of UPS battery can enable UPS battery to give full play to its great high efficiency. . Increase the service life of UPS uninterrupted battery and greatly reduce the common failures of UPS power supply. Installation and regular maintenance of the battery in the UPS power supply

1. Try to prevent battery overvoltage and overcurrent charging

Overvoltage charging generally causes battery electrolysis The water in the liquid is separated into hydrogen and oxygen, thereby reducing the battery life; overcurrent charging will bend the positive and negative electrode plates in the battery, and the specific chemical substances on the surface of the electrical grade plate will fall off, and the battery can use the volume to Reduce, such a thing will lead to the destruction of the internal short-circuit fault of the electrical level board.

2. Battery replacement with significantly reduced internal resistance

(1) As the time of the power supply system increases, the charging characteristics of some batteries will slowly change and the terminal equipment will work The voltage will drop sharply, and the performance of this battery does not depend on the charging power circuit in the UPS power supply system to handle it. There are potential safety hazards for reuse and immediate replacement.

(2) Because of the expansion of the internal resistance of the battery, the battery should be removed and replaced immediately when the normal charging working voltage cannot repair the charging characteristics of the battery. The internal resistor of the battery is generally 10-30mm. If the internal resistor of the battery exceeds 200mm, the normal operation of the UPS switching power supply cannot be maintained and should be replaced.

Three. Prevent mixing new and old batteries

Because the internal resistance of the new battery is relatively small, the internal resistance of the old battery increases by the same level. The internal resistance of the old battery is relatively large, and part of the working voltage is relatively large, which can easily lead to overvoltage conditions; the internal resistance of the new battery is small, the charging voltage is small, and the current is too large, so new power should be prevented.

4. Battery application standards

The service life of the battery is closely related to the natural environmental temperature. When the battery is in ultra-low temperature, the cold-rolled steel plate in the battery is very easy to delamination and lose the battery Performance, resulting in permanent damage; when the temperature is too high, the battery volume will also decrease, such things will cause permanent damage. According to the technical standards of the battery manufacturer, the high-quality application temperature of the battery is 225°C, which can extend the battery life.

V. Battery connection

The new battery pack needs 72 hours of fluctuating positive charge before application to balance the internal output power of the battery, and then carry out testing or application< /p>

Different volume, different performance, different battery manufacturers cannot apply together

Batteries or batteries with the same specific volume and the same working voltage can be applied in parallel

Please use appropriate cable connection and detailed introduction

Ensure that the power is turned off when connecting, otherwise there is a risk of touching or even exploding.

The positive and negative stages are irreversible or irreversible. Short-circuit failure, otherwise the battery will be seriously damaged, and the end of the power plug will be connected to the end of the power plug to avoid flames; if the surface air is oxidized, it can be cleaned with soda.

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