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by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
In modern society, a fast-paced work and life has always been an important means of transportation-cars. The birth of the automobile is undoubtedly an important product of social progress. With the high popularity of automobiles, the majority of car owners have greatly improved their own car use awareness, but there are actually various misunderstandings in actual car use and maintenance:   Misunderstanding 1: According to the battery electric eye, the battery status cannot be accurately determined. The battery is equipped with performance status indicator eyes, and the performance of the battery can be distinguished by observing different colors. It can not be said that this indicator light has no scientific basis, but it is inevitable that there will be errors in accuracy. Because the car battery itself is a complex and changeable whole, its performance is affected by many factors. Based entirely on such test results, vehicle owners will often be guided incorrectly.  Valta battery reminds car owners that they should check the battery in a 4S shop or a professional auto repair shop during daily maintenance of the car, instead of simply observing the battery electric eye. Do you guys remember? Misunderstanding 2: Buying bad products and low quality. Many car owners take good care of their cars when they first get their new cars, and don't hesitate to invest in maintenance and beauty. As new cars become old ones, it is inevitable that there will be some slack in car maintenance, especially in the replacement of auto parts, and it is no longer the first choice for original parts. For battery replacement, it is possible to choose some relatively low-priced, relatively low-end battery; there is another possibility: the owner of the vehicle has purchased a battery of unqualified quality from a bad merchant. All of these are not what car owners should encounter.   Germany's century-old brand, Warta Battery, has established a series of complete systems in China, including production, sales, and after-sales, and the products can accomplish various rigorous tasks well. In addition, the Varta batteries currently produced are all maintenance-free batteries. Say goodbye to the faults caused by electrolyte problems in traditional products. In addition, the exclusive advanced 'Bevrui technology' used in the products allows the batteries to play a more perfect performance advantage. . Have the perfect battery, start with Valta.  Misunderstanding 3: Improper use of the car will increase the burden on the battery   The damage and failure of the car parts in the car is not just the product itself. In terms of batteries, car owners also need to develop good car usage habits. For example, when the car is started, the air conditioner is turned on at the same time. Not to mention the cost of fuel, it also greatly increases the burden on the battery; after the engine stops running, the audio, lights and other equipment in the car are not turned off in time, which will also seriously damage the battery... Car owners should spread the good habits of car use and stay away from bad car use.
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