Independent photovoltaic battery role - in the system-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-16
In the independent photovoltaic system, the role of the storage battery is mainly stored energy, at night or cloudy climate conditions, such as photovoltaic array cannot provide enough energy, battery supply load, ensure the normal operation of the system. Battery is a lot of more phyletic, are lead-acid batteries, lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, etc. At the moment, the product technology maturity and cost factors, such as some small simple independent nickel metal hydride batteries used in photovoltaic system, but less application; Majority of independent photovoltaic system used in lead-acid batteries, widely used. Countries also made the GB/T22473 - 2008 standard for energy storage in lead-acid battery, in order to standardize the lead-acid storage battery product requirements. In this paper, the following contents are based on the lead-acid battery. Battery capacity of independent photovoltaic system, to ensure the system in the sun under the condition of continuous below average load can still continue to work within a certain amount of time; Battery capacity selection is related to many factors, the main daily load demand, the maximum depth of discharge battery days, independent operation, installation to ambient temperature.
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