Incorrect use of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-16

Wrong use will cause great damage to the battery. The following points are common misuses: 1. Overcharging is strictly prohibited: the first charge exceeds 5 times the capacity. Normal charging capacity exceeding 1.5 times the discharged capacity is regarded as overcharging.

2. Over-discharge is strictly prohibited: when the battery voltage drops to 1.7V in use, it is the termination discharge limit, and when it is lower than 1.7V, it is regarded as over-discharge.

3. Insufficient charging is strictly prohibited: the initial charge is less than 4.5 times the capacity, and the normal charge is less than 1.4 times the discharged power, both of which are regarded as insufficient charge.

4. Low liquid level is strictly prohibited. When the liquid level is lower than the bottom of the flower basket in the liquid hole plug, add deionized water or distilled water in time. The replenishment amount should be moderate, and the replenishment amount of each battery in the battery pack should be equal. Only the correct use of the battery can extend the service life of the battery.

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