In which environments should the battery not be installed?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

Battery: generally refers to a lead-acid battery, which is a type of battery and belongs to a secondary battery. Its working principle: when charging, use external electromagnetic energy to recreate internal specific chemical substances, store electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy, and convert mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy for output. It uses lead-based power grids with honeycomb lead as the negative level (also called power grids), lead-based power grids with lead dioxide as the positive level, and dilute hydrochloric acid as the electrolyte solution. The battery is charging and discharging

Lead metal material is negative grade, lead sulfate is caused by redox reaction, and lead dioxide is positive grade. When the battery is charged with direct current, lead and lead dioxide are caused by 2 electrical levels. When the switching power supply is cleared, it is restored to the pre-charge and discharge conditions, and an organic chemical battery is produced. Lead-acid batteries can be charged and discharged continuously. Its single working voltage is 2V. The battery is composed of one or more individual batteries. It is generally called a battery, generally 6V, 12V, and other 2V, 4V, 8V, 24V batteries. For example, the battery for a car (called a battery) is a series of 6 lead batteries to form a 12V battery. The patent of the invention relates to an electric forklift that uses the battery in a traditional dry test lead-acid battery (such as a trolley dry test battery, a motorcycle dry test battery, etc.) to fill with pure water after a period of time, so that the dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is kept around Density; and now most of them are maintenance-free batteries, which do not need to add distilled water until the end of their life.

In which environments should not install batteries?

1. Do not install batteries in a sealed indoor space or around a fire. The application and installation of batteries in this environment will cause explosions and fire accidents.

2. Don't cover the battery with everything that will cause static electricity. When static electricity is generated, it will sometimes cause an explosion. Be very careful.

3. The place close to water is not suitable for installing batteries, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock. It must also be noted.

4. Please do not need to install the battery in the temperature environment of -40 °C-60 °C. However, this requirement can still be met under normal circumstances.

5. Do not use the battery in dusty places, there is a potential safety hazard of battery short-circuit failure. The charging and discharging speed is harmful to the volume of the battery, and it decreases with the increase of the charging and discharging speed. At the volume level, the charge-discharge speed or charge-discharge speed must be required. The volume of the battery changes with the change of the charge-discharge speed or the charge-discharge speed.

6. Do not use sticky objects or labeled objects to press the top cover. Because there is an automatic exhaust valve under the top cover, the vapor caused by the battery is not easy to leak. It can cause drums and even explosions.

7. The total number of positive charges on the parallel surface floating raft, the plug-in terminal equipment battery can only be connected to the three column heads, there is no unique limit to the tightening of the anchor bolts, but the total number of parallel surface connections increases less . Keep the pool stable

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