In-depth analysis of battery capacity test methods

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-26
The battery capacity is a problem that users are very concerned about. The merchants say how reliable the capacity of a battery is? Today, lithium battery manufacturers will analyze the battery capacity test method with everyone. We can test the battery capacity by ourselves:    battery Self-discharge and gradual vulcanization of the plates are the inevitable 'gradual failures' of lead-acid batteries, but with the increasingly stringent requirements of product materials and processes, such as changing lead-antimony alloys to lead-calcium alloys, they gradually become 'full-process free Maintenance' only. Some people are accustomed to using only the voltage range of a voltmeter or a multimeter without loading to check whether the storage battery is sufficient, which is very unreliable. Because even if the battery is started and discharged, as long as the discharge is stopped, the open circuit voltage-electromotive force between the positive and negative plates of the battery and the electrolyte can be reached immediately, and the potential difference between them can be restored immediately. 2.1V, the whole battery is about 12.6V or more. When measuring voltage alone, the current consumption is very small, so there is no large voltage drop inside the battery, so the display voltage is not low, but if you add a considerable load, such as headlights (10~15A), speakers (6 ~12A), the battery will dim the light and the horn will be hoarse, indicating that the battery is insufficient. When the electrolyte level is too low, both small balls will fall to the limit position. At this time, the observation hole appears 'outer red and inner colorless' (the center is a colorless transparent dot, and the surrounding is a red circle), which means Insufficient electrolyte means that the battery cannot continue to be used and must be replaced. If such a test plug is installed on a dry-charged battery, it means that distilled water must be added. The English description is marked as 'Adddistilledwater'.  Battery is a large-scale component that is easy to wear. Its long life can reach 3~4 years, and the shortest 1~2 years, and the more frequently driving cars (especially long-distance use) , The longer the battery life; the more frequently parked cars or buses are often discharged but undercharged, the battery life will be shorter.  The working principle of the battery: When charging, the external electric energy is used to regenerate the internal active material, and the electric energy is stored as chemical energy. When it needs to be discharged, the chemical energy is converted into electric energy for output. When the battery power is insufficient and the electrolyte density is too low, the blue ball sinks to the extreme position, and the observation hole appears 'internal infrared colorless' (the center is a red dot and the surrounding is a colorless transparent circle), indicating the battery If the power loss is serious, it must be charged immediately. The English description is marked as 'chargingnecessary'.   Battery daily maintenance method analysis:    1. Floating charge voltage measurement method 2. Capacity measurement method 3. Internal resistance or conductance measurement method 4. Traditional offline capacity measurement method This detection method measures the capacity of the battery accurately, and can clearly determine whether the battery is a failed battery. However, this method has the following drawbacks:    1. The battery must be disconnected from the system. If the utility power is suddenly interrupted during this period, can another set of batteries stand alone? Increase the risk of system failure.  2. The bulky heating wire needs to be carried by multiple people, and at least one person must measure and record the data.   3. The voltage of individual battery terminals may suddenly drop below the cut-off voltage during the interval between two measurements, causing excessive discharge, as shown in Figure 3. The workload is too large and difficult to carry out in an all-round way.   4. The entire set of batteries takes more than 20 hours to charge, sometimes an offline rectifier is required, and it is easy to cause some batteries to overcharge.   5. A large amount of electricity and heat must be consumed.   5. Traditional online capacity test method
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