In 2020, the start-stop battery penetration rate will reach 70%, high-end lead batteries still have bargaining power-

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-26
The lead-acid battery market segment is highly competitive, and scale advantage is the key. The domestic lead-acid battery market is relatively concentrated, and the chemical-powered lead-acid battery production industry is fiercely competitive. The competition of product prices and the increase in costs have greatly reduced the net profit margins of major manufacturers in the industry. As residents’ requirements for battery performance continue to rise, the country’s increasing emphasis on environmental protection, and the industry’s rising barriers to entry, companies with large-scale advantages in the industry will gain more development opportunities and can further expand through production expansion and mergers and acquisitions. Scale, industry concentration will be improved. Upstream high-end battery manufacturers have strong bargaining power. The upstream of the lead-acid battery industry includes lead, sulfuric acid, plastics, etc. The lead-acid battery industry has a large demand for raw materials, and the lead and sulfuric acid industries as a whole show overcapacity, and battery manufacturing is an important downstream application field of lead, so the lead-acid battery industry It has strong bargaining power for lead and sulfuric acid. While the supply of plastics is in short supply, the battery industry has higher requirements for the characteristics of plastics, and therefore the bargaining power of the plastics industry is low. The upstream of lead-acid batteries is mainly raw materials and other industries, which are greatly affected by price fluctuations. The upstream raw materials are affected by environmental protection policies, and their prices fluctuate greatly, which has a significant impact on the cost of the battery industry. The upstream of traders is the lead smelting industry. As lead and lead-calcium alloys account for most of the cost of lead-acid batteries, the lead smelting industry has a greater impact on enterprises. At present, there are a large number of domestic lead smelting companies and competition is fierce. As the domestic environmental protection pressure increases and the product quality requirements increase, the living space of technologically backward small and medium smelting enterprises will be further reduced, and mergers and reorganizations will further increase the concentration of the lead smelting industry. In order to reduce the impact of raw material price fluctuations on the profitability of the industry, companies will generally establish a lead price linkage mechanism with customers on product sales prices. Lead-acid battery raw materials from 2015 to 2018-the lead price increase trend is obvious. Source: public information to sort out downstream demand Promoting industrial upgrading, barriers in the lead-acid battery industry have emerged, and high-end batteries have strong bargaining power. With the pull of downstream demand in my country's lead-acid battery industry in recent years, the profitability is good, and the profit margin remains at a relatively high level, which is highly attractive to potential entrants. At the same time, the state has issued a series of related policies to standardize the industry, which has raised the barriers to entry for the industry, and industry barriers have emerged. The downstream industries are mainly automobiles, electric vehicles, communications, new energy, etc. The current lead-acid battery industry has relatively low bargaining power, but manufacturers of high-end lead-acid battery products have relatively high bargaining power. Global lead-acid battery market size forecast. Source: public data compilation. The gross profit margin of automobile start-stop batteries is high and there are high technical barriers. Due to the requirements of more frequent start-up and power supply for on-board electrical appliances at idle speed, start-stop batteries have higher requirements than ordinary start-up batteries. In 2018, the penetration rate of start-stop batteries will reach 50%, about 13.5 million sets; in 2020, the penetration rate will reach 70%, with shipments of about 21 million sets, and an output value of 14 billion yuan; from 2015 to 2018, it will be the start and stop of Chinese cars. The golden growth period of batteries has a compound annual growth rate of up to 46%. According to the sales volume of new cars in 2020, 29.11 million units of start-stop battery market sensitivity analysis (100 million yuan) Source: Public data collation Article source: Battery China Net
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