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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-01
According to understand, lead battery products are widely used in automobiles, electricity and other fields, the short term is difficult to be replaced by other products. At present our country has become the world's largest producer of lead battery and one of the leading exporter of more than a quarter of the world's total output, but at the same time there is also a group enterprise more, such problems as low degree of automation, and serious environmental pollution. According to the 'access', lead battery production enterprises should adopt automation, mechanization, enclosed production equipment, and according to the scale of production have the corresponding processing capacity of energy conservation and pollution control facilities, construction, reconstruction, and the existing simple plate production enterprise shall have the corresponding production scale. Journalists access to information found that since May 2011 national lead battery industry consolidation, the relevant state departments and local governments have issued a series of industry consolidation notice file. But the analysis thinks, the industry consolidation notice file, there is a big flexibility, binding is weak, in the process of actual execution effect is lower than expected, appeared such as closed to nonlocal transfer capacity, produce the phenomenon such as consolidation during the day, night. “ 'Access' issued and implemented, for our country to speed up the lead battery industry structure adjustment provides strong laws and regulations. ” Industry leading camel group co. , LTD. , sources told reporters. Yuexiu securities analysts believe that due to the access to the entry of enterprises to improve, the industry will be further optimized restructuring, the number will also be significantly reduced. Data shows, until the end of November 2011, the domestic lead battery production enterprises, 684 are directly banned closed, 773 be halt production, normal production enterprise with only 314, total of 17. 7%. 'Access' after carrying out, is not competitive or will be out of enterprise, the resource and market advantages will be further gathered to large enterprises. 'Access' the content of cadmium and arsenic in the lead battery have strict rules, at the same time, the production process route and also by the end of 2012, construction and reconstruction projects, externalized into process is prohibited. “ At present, only about 20% of the industry belongs to use internalized into process production capacity, so 2013 or the policy of industry consolidation. ” Yuexiu securities analyst said.
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