If the forklift battery is used correctly?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

If the forklift battery is used correctly?

Charging operation, replacement and other practical operation problems in the use of forklift batteries are the basic elements that make electric forklifts pay attention to the best conditions. One is the forklift battery charging operation. Forklift batteries are a weak relativity. If these aspects of maintenance work, it will increase the application time and the forklift battery used. In turn, it will reduce operating output power and accelerate battery life. Rechargeable batteries cannot work properly.

1. The forklift driver should first pay attention to the battery capacity on the display of the electric forklift before starting or charging the battery. If you have 20% power, charge the battery. If the power runs out, there is no need. Once the battery capacity of the electric forklift is consumed, it cannot be transferred to the battery charging area. On the other hand, the use of light has certain hazards to the battery charging life. If the electric forklift has wood, do not look at the electric forklift meter. The battery forklift is not available. The charging frequency of the forklift battery is about 1400 times. Any battery charging will immediately reduce battery life.

2. Forklift rental details the compatibility of forklift chargers before charging. It is not that the time to charge the battery seriously damages the service life of the battery, and may destroy the battery immediately.

3. In a place with good natural ventilation, when the battery is charged, the battery cover is opened and the battery is removed from the electric forklift. The way to charge the battery is to open the battery cover to make it natural. Since the battery can produce flammable radon gas during the entire charging process, the battery cannot be exposed to fire. This simple steam explosion may cause fire accidents, economic losses and personal safety losses. Do not smoke near rechargeable batteries and any fire or fire. The accumulator or battery charging must have the advantage of good natural ventilation, but it cannot prevent the corrosion of organic gas at the outlet.

4. The power plug of the charging head must be inserted. The battery of the forklift hired forklift needs to be charged, and the electrode connection plug of the charging head and the battery power plug must be inserted. If the power plug of the rechargeable battery is not inserted, its contact surface should not be large, which will cause excessive resistance, and excessive resistance will always cause ignition.

5. If the forklift battery is charged, but the rechargeable battery must be used before charging, the power switch must be turned off first, otherwise the rechargeable battery will flow back and burn the charging head temperature control switch.

6. The surface layer or connector of the bottle must be cleaned and passivated. If there is dust, residue, etc., it must be removed with damp water or an anti-static cloth. Otherwise, the blasting of a short-circuit fault project will become a fire accident, and the rod and connection will corrode and damage the battery.

7. No need to place special tools or other metal materials on the rechargeable battery.

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