How long is delivery time of deep cycle lead acid battery 12v ?
It won't take very long. Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd. will arrange the delivery in order as soon as possible if the order is confirmed. By working with the most reliable freight forwarder, we promise ensuring the safety of deep cycle lead acid battery during the transportation. Before delivery, we will perform complete test on each product to ensure the high quality and quantity of the product. Trust us, we will deliver the products once we confirm everything including quantity and quality correct as soon as possible.

The Power Kingdom brand is a globally recognized lead acid rechargeable battery manufacturer. Power Kingdom's main products include sealed lead acid battery series. This product is breathable enough. The fabrics used allow air to move around freely and thus, release moisture very fast. Its housing is free of cracks and corrosion. Power Kingdom provides quality services for the customers across the world. Thanks to its simple composition, the product can be easily recycled.

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