Guidelines to be followed in the use of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Battery is a large-scale component that is very easy to destroy. It has a long life of 3-4 years, short 1-2 years, long battery cycles, long battery cycles, long battery cycles, and long battery cycles.

According to the battery maintenance method, there are ordinary, low-maintenance, and maintenance-free batteries. Starting batteries are suitable for starting and lighting lamps for small cars, large tractors, and diesel-engine ships. Batteries are suitable for communication, power plants, and computer software as backup power sources for maintenance and automatic control systems. Traction belt rechargeable batteries are suitable for various switching power supplies such as rechargeable battery vehicles, electric forklifts, and electric forklifts. Railway line batteries are suitable for diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger cars and lighting fixtures. Rechargeable batteries for motorcycles are suitable for starting and lighting all kinds of motorcycles. Rechargeable batteries for coal mines are suitable for the power supply system of the traction belt of electric locomotives. Environmental protection and energy saving are suitable for storage batteries of electric locomotives.

The guidelines to be followed in the use of lead-acid batteries.

Protection-free battery: Also called valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery, the following guidelines must be followed in operation and protection:

(1) Allowable operation plan for sealed rechargeable batteries It is 15 to 50 degrees, but the application of 5 to 35 degrees can extend the number of battery cycles. The composition of a rechargeable battery that is less than 15 degrees Celsius will change when the battery is charged. In the overall plan from 20C to 25C, the longer service life of the rechargeable battery will achieve a long life, but the volume of the rechargeable battery is lower at ultra-low temperature and high capacity, but the number of battery cycles is shorter at high temperature.

(2) The relationship between battery cycle times and temperature can be seen in the following standards. When the temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, the service life of the rechargeable battery will decrease every time.

(3) The floating load working voltage of the solution of no-maintenance rechargeable battery is the connector. 12v rechargeable battery. csb claims every part. In the case of 120 series of rechargeable batteries, after the temperature is higher than 25 degrees Celsius, the charging voltage of the floating raft battery should be reduced by 3mV every time the floating battery is increased. The same temperature should be increased by 3mv every time it rises to avoid lack of operating voltage. The charging and discharging end working voltage is full load (30 minutes) per cross section. Under the condition of low charge and discharge rate (long-term charge and discharge with small current), apc symmetry can adjust the battery charging voltage according to the load.

(4) The rechargeable battery has not been charged within 72 hours after being charged and discharged. Acid will be added to the solar panel to protect and charge the battery, and to destroy the rechargeable battery.

(5) When the rechargeable battery is pumped up or the battery is charged, the vapor in the rechargeable battery is electrolyzed into water on the negative information board to maintain the volume of the rechargeable battery without additional water. But the erosion of the control panel will reduce the battery power.

(6) When the working temperature is 30-40 degrees, the battery cycle times are only 5-6 months. Long-term storage rechargeable batteries must be charged once every six months. Rechargeable batteries must be stored in a dry and cool natural environment. The lithium battery life rate of the rechargeable battery is 3-4% per month within 20 degrees and changes with the change of temperature.

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