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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-15
From huzhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau of statistics show that from January to December 2014, the zhuhai import battery products, a total of 273 batches, the value of 3599. $40000, compared with a surge in 100, respectively. 7% and 713. 8%. Among them, the imported 143 batch of high-end battery, value 3147. $50000, 130 batch of battery accessories, valued at 451. Importer of $90000, ranking the top five, in turn, to the United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg and Mexico. From the number of imported high-end battery, increase amplitude is particularly significant. Import battery only 10 batches of 2013, 6374, in 2014 to import batteries, 143, 459875, the number increased by nearly two orders of magnitude, it can be said that the new imported high-end battery increased dramatically, as double battery product imports, import value level even the root cause of the jump. It is reported, current imports of high-end battery mainly for the agm battery, the battery has a longer service life, higher capacitance stability and more reliable advantages of the low temperature performance, domestic auto market and other downstream market increasing demand for this type of battery, battery prices are so high. In the long run, the introduction of the production of high-end agm battery production line, improve the production ability of high-end battery, as the government departments to assist enterprises to develop the center of gravity of the battery.
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