Governing the ring hits the lead-acid battery industry

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
Regarding this environmental pollution issue, as a clean power service provider, Chen Xiaodong, general manager of Suzhou Lidebao Power Technology Co., Ltd., also talked about their views on 'My Nonferrous Network' from the perspective of power service industry: 'We very much agree with the country’s environmental protection. This is also the original intention of Creativity Debao’s enterprise. However, the enterprise expects the country to increase its control in recycling and regeneration, not only to regulate smelting enterprises, but also to users of storage batteries. constraint'. Chen Xiaodong also said: 'If the control is in place, people will not buy three-no batteries, and will not sell used batteries to unlicensed battery recyclers, so as to eliminate sources of non-compliant production, so as to effectively reduce the production of non-standard recycling and regeneration links. Pollution'.   On September 5, 2012, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued the 'Access Conditions for the Secondary Lead Industry'. The 'Access Conditions' set out detailed regulations on project construction conditions and enterprise production layout, production scale, technology and equipment, energy consumption and comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection, safety, health and occupational disease prevention, supervision and management, etc. It is not difficult to see from the country’s actions in the lead-acid battery industry in recent years that to fundamentally control the environmental pollution caused by the lead-acid battery industry, industry access must be strictly controlled, starting from the source of lead-acid battery production, and strengthening the supervision of the regeneration process. Only the symptoms can be cured.
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