Gel battery has a 'maintenance-free' function

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

After adding the organic chemical preservative of the colloidal electrolyte, the structure of the suspected glue network is malleable, and the amount of suspected glue can be moderately reduced. This is not only beneficial to ionization and vapor transfer and external diffusion, but also can avoid vulcanized rubber to a certain level, and increase the service life of colloidal solution lead-acid batteries. The water content of the preservative is too high, and the network structure of the suspected glue is too dense, which prevents the ionization migration in the battery electrolyte and the diffusion outside the vapor. When the water content of the preservative reaches a certain limit, because the grid map structure is high-density and compact, the random water in the indoor space grid map structure is squeezed, and the colloidal solution electrolyte solution solidifies and stratifies. On the other hand, the amount of preservative used is too low to have a beneficial effect on the colloidal solution electrolyte solution and the battery.

So adding water will be harmful to the gel battery.

The gelling agent for colloidal batteries is fumed silica, which is a kind of high-purity white odorless nano-powder material with thickening and anti-adhesive properties. , Automatic control system rheology and thixotropy, etc.

The fumed silica is a kind of amorphous silicon product caused by the high-temperature hydrolysis reaction of silicon halide in a hydrogen flame. It is a kind of amorphous silicon product. The fumed silica polymer with unresolved surface layer has a variety of hydroxyl groups, one is a separated and unaffected random hydroxyl group, and the other is a series of covalently bonded hydroxyl groups. The white carbon black stone with unresolved surface layer is a combination of multiple OH, which can easily generate a symmetrical three-dimensional network structure in the liquid system software. This kind of three-dimensional porous structure (water cooperating bond) with external force (shear stress, electric field force, etc.) will be destroyed, the material will become soft, and the viscosity will decrease. Once the external force subsides, the three-dimensional porous structure (water cooperating bond) will increase the viscosity. That is thixotropy reversibility.

The fumed silica is suitable for colloidal solution storage batteries. Using its high-quality thickening performance, the colloidal solution lithium battery electrolyte is composed of fumed silica and aqueous hydrochloric acid. When the battery is charged, as the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the electrolyte of the lithium battery increases, the battery thickens and accompanied by cracks. The electrolyzed water reflects in the middle and late stages of charging, so that the oxygen caused by the positive stage is digested and absorbed by the negative stage according to thousands of cracks. , And further restore to water, in order to achieve the battery's airtight circulation system. During charging and discharging, the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the battery electrolyte decreases, so that the diluted solution becomes the thin glue in front of the battery. Therefore, gel batteries have a 'maintenance-free' effect.

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