Export destinations of Power Kingdom
Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd. currently does the exports to America and Europe mainly. They are combined to account for nearly 50 percent of the total sales each year. This is a result of years of efforts made by us since the inception. In addition, we are exploring other markets now. We have a team who are buried in studying the international and regional standards, based on which, we would develop products that are up to such standards and apply for the sale there. We intend to construct a sales network throughout the world with our products full of competitiveness.

Power Kingdom has a higher understanding of industrial battery. Power Kingdom's main products include industrial battery series. The product is safe to wear. Its fabrics have gone through the ingredient test to make sure no harmful substances are contained. Its thick and solid lead plate protects it from the stress of prolonged discharge. Power Kingdom 's partners are from various domains and regions. The product can stand up with repeated deep discharge.

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