Explain in detail what faults will occur in the battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

  The power source is the power to supply electrical energy to construction machinery. Generally, there are two sets of power equipment in construction machinery, namely, storage battery, generator and regulator. Two sets of power supply equipment: the storage battery is the top power supply equipment, which supplies power for the electrical equipment of the construction machinery when the machine is not operating. Its characteristic is that it can supply a relatively large current. For example, when the initiator is initiated, the electric energy required by the initiator is supplied by the battery.

  The generator is the second power supply device. It can generate electrical energy after the initiator is initiated. In addition to supplying electrical energy to the electrical equipment, the remaining electrical energy is also charged to the storage battery. Make up for the electricity consumption when launching the initiator. At the same time, for storage and reuse in the future, the characteristics of electrical equipment for construction machinery are: single-wire system, low voltage, direct current and parallel circuits.

  The use of electrical equipment for too long, improper use or improper repair, as well as other reasons, most of the electrical equipment will cause problems, often manifested as poor quality of work, or even failure Homework, etc. The common faults and solutions are shown in the following figure: From the above figure, we can see that the common faults of lead-acid batteries include external and internal faults.

   The external faults of the lead battery refer to cracks in the shell or cover, dry cracking of the sealing glue, loose or corroded poles, etc.; there are vulcanization of the internal plates, active materials falling, and automatic Faults such as discharge, plate arching, and the quality of lead-acid batteries have a great impact on the reliability of the operation of electrical equipment for construction machinery. If the lead-acid batteries are faulty, the quality of the operation of electrical equipment will decrease.


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