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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-04
Since last may, lead-acid battery consolidation is very strict, most enterprises were shut down, and production enterprise so far still scarce. Under normal circumstances, the battery on the market supply will be reduced, and the actual situation is not so. Obviously, countries in the reorganization of the lead-acid battery progress is not as expected, in order to get away with the state environmental protection management of small and medium-sized, small miniature lead-acid battery production enterprises, and even a disorderly expansion of workshop will make lead-acid battery market environment once again return to rectify before, but this is obviously not conducive to large sums of environmental governance cost investment of medium enterprises need, especially for lead-acid battery listed companies more so, because this means that the larger, the higher the cost of environmental governance investment is needed according to understand, at present there are more than 2000 domestic lead-acid battery enterprises, but only 779 registered enterprises, and these are big companies, the rest are small businesses or small workshops. At present, neither bear the environmental costs, these small businesses and small mill and drill tax loopholes, it is because of their existence, lead-acid battery industry has been in a state of scattered, disorder and poor. With lead-acid battery prices, driven by the interests of the market, since September, these small lead-acid battery production enterprises, workshops, turned & other; Underground & throughout; Reproduction of production, and it is this capacity, the increase of production, make since September, nationwide lead-acid battery has a lot of less intense demand. As the creation of the lead-acid battery industry access conditions, will greatly improve the environmental barriers to entry of lead-acid battery, and huge environmental protection into the threshold needed for the present the small and medium-sized, small miniature lead-acid battery production enterprises cannot be leaping, China lead-acid battery capacity will also be a large number of shut down because of the threshold, large and medium-sized enterprises will be because have solid financial strength into environmental governance and integration in the industry, and the merger of these sectors will also benefit to the improvement of industry concentration.
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