Energy storage lead-acid battery market potential is 200 billion -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-29
“ Three years ago, energy storage batteries in the domestic market have $20, the next few years will be of great demand in this field in our country, to estimate the market will reach 200 billion yuan, very positive. Traditional lead battery USES a very wide range, so the production capacity has been expanded, so the problem of excess has been around a few years ago. Due to the severe overcapacity and recovery of environmental pollution problems caused by unreasonable, the National Development and Reform Commission, the ministry, ministry of industry and other related department since 2011 to the reorganization of the lead battery industry on a large scale. In May 2012, the ministry issued the lead battery industry access conditions, greatly promoted the industry barriers to entry. With the improvement of industry admittance threshold, a few small companies be eliminated, industry concentration greatly increased, but the overcapacity problem has not resolved. “ Before 2011 2000 battery companies now to nearly 300, survive the large capacity of rapid expansion, the lead battery industry did not change the overcapacity situation. And lead battery not FMCG, after the 78 years of development, the market close to saturation. ” Zhang Ming said. Energy storage batteries in the battery field to expand the next target. However, due to the energy storage battery mainly depends on the wind, light and other renewable energy storage and conversion, but wind power and solar energy photovoltaic industry in recent years, influenced by international economic situation, one after another into the consolidation period, so as the supporting industry of energy storage batteries will also experience in wind power, photovoltaic and other Trough & throughout; 。 “ Although energy storage battery to adjust accordingly, but the company that made preparations for two years: on the one hand, with the technological reserve; On the other hand, indirect part with the national new energy field with the combination of key project.
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