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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-28
Now form a complete set of auto starting with lead-acid battery production basically internalized into methods, and energy storage with control valve sealing lead-acid battery ( AGM - VRLA) Mostly used batteries externalization into ( Slot into) , along with the battery development and application of new technology, new material, especially for lead-acid battery production enterprises environmental protection put forward higher request, battery internalized into method is quite popular. After general green plate assembly into a battery, then add electrolyte charge into a process called & other; Internalized into & throughout; 。 First with a green plate into charging slot into a process called & other; Externalized as & throughout; 。 Lead-acid battery of internalization and externalization into ( Slot into) Compared with many advantages, it simplifies the process flow, washing, drying plate and battery electric and slot into slices, welding and into slices. Save a lot of energy, Energy such as water, acid and electricity) , staff working hours and workshop area is small, don't have to buy into a tank, water tank and plate drying, acid mist treatment, sewage treatment, environmental protection equipment, battery costs can be lower. In addition, using the internalized into process, the plate is not easy to pollution by impurities, can reduce the battery self-discharge, improve the consistency of the battery, extend battery life. Internalization and battery to reduce a large amount of waste water, waste gas emissions, thereby reducing the pollution to the environment. Currently valve-control sealed lead acid battery ( AGM - VRLA) Internalized into method charging time is too long, generally in the h - 100 More than 140 h, severely restricted the enterprise's production capacity, if the charging time, shorten the internalized into early leads to the battery capacity is low, the circulation problem of short service life. Battery is internalized into into electricity is one of the main factors influencing the battery performance, into a low power, active substances fails to fully transform, low levels of lead dioxide lead to battery initial performance is not good; And into electricity is high, in addition to increased energy loss, into the process of temperature rise is not easy to control, a gas of plate impact is bigger also, will affect the battery life. Therefore, reasonable set the charging current can improve the charging efficiency, reduce the charging time, reduce the temperature rise and power consumption.
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