Emergency start method when the battery is dead

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-26
Stroller start Stroller start is the most familiar and effective emergency starting method, but it is a must-have method and cannot be used frequently, because it will damage the engine and clutch to a certain extent. Automatic transmission vehicles should especially be avoided. Use this method to start.   Before starting the stroller, first observe whether the road conditions at the parking position of the vehicle are suitable for starting the stroller. You can use the downhill road to increase the speed of the vehicle. The ignition switch should be turned on before the vehicle is pushed. When the vehicle speed is reached, put the transmission into the gear position, and then quickly release the clutch pedal and refuel. Once the engine starts, you should quickly depress the clutch pedal and control the accelerator at the same time to prevent the engine from stalling, and then stop slowly.  Lapping start   If there is a car in the same company and there is a jumper cable in the car, the battery can also be used to start the car. After ensuring that the two vehicles are close enough and have enough load-bearing capacity with an insulated cable, connect the positive and negative poles of the two batteries. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery and make sure that the cables are connected reliably. Arrange the direction of the cable to prevent the cable from scratching with the tape or fan when starting.   Turn off all the auxiliary electrical equipment on the car, start the vehicle where the battery that provides the power supply is located, and let the engine run for a few minutes to ensure sufficient power. Then start the non-electric vehicle in the normal way. After starting, you should lightly step on the accelerator pedal to make the engine run at a speed of 2000r/min for several minutes. Then turn off the ignition switches of the two vehicles, carefully remove the cables, and take care to avoid collisions between the positive and negative cable connectors.  Traction start  The method and principle of traction start are similar to those of cart start, but the difference is that traction with a car often saves much effort and trouble. In the specific implementation, use a traction rope of appropriate length and tie the two ends firmly. Before towing, the drivers of the front and rear cars should first determine the contact signals, such as whether to start and stop by buzzing or gesturing to coordinate and cooperate. To start slowly, the driver of the vehicle in front should not only pay attention to the movement of the vehicle behind, but also pay attention to the traffic conditions on the road at all times. The driver of the following vehicle should promptly signal the vehicle ahead after the vehicle starts, and the two vehicles should slowly approach the roadside and stop.
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