Electric vehicle trends: used as building batteries and emergency power sources

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
The use of electric vehicles as storage batteries and photovoltaic power generation systems to provide electricity for homes and buildings has already begun. There are ways to use it as an emergency power source, or as a backup power source to suppress peak power during peak power consumption.   Even if photovoltaic power generation is used, if the generated electricity cannot be stored, the surplus part can only be discarded. This surplus electricity is stored in the battery of an electric vehicle, and discharged from the parking lot to provide electricity during periods of high electricity consumption in residences and offices, so that the generated electricity can be sold or stored at an appropriate time. The method of use is slightly different from the 'stationary storage battery' that is permanently installed in the facility, which can increase the self-sufficiency rate of electricity. From the perspective of the relationship between electric vehicles and the city, it is ensured that each building has dozens of electric vehicles, and they are connected to the building’s electrical system when parking in underground parking lots. If such a mechanism is established, it can be Make electric vehicles work as an emergency power source in each area. Even in normal times, it can be used as a backup power source for buildings during peak power demand periods such as midsummer to reduce peak power. At present, various companies are working on an attempt to utilize this unique value of electric vehicles.   Cars also have equipment value outside of driving time and are responsible for the role of electricity as a social infrastructure. From this point of view, the participation of new operators in construction and urban construction can be said to be an inevitable trend.   Today, the concept put forward by automobile manufacturers is not only to develop, manufacture, and sell electric vehicles, but also include housing construction and urban construction. This trend is very obvious. In the current empirical tests of smart grids and smart cities, electric vehicles have been used as storage batteries. By combining renewable energy sources, initiatives to make buildings and regions close to self-sufficiency have begun.
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