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by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-01
The open circuit voltage ( 开路电压缴纳) : battery discharge, battery is known as the open circuit voltage potential difference between the poles. Open circuit voltage of battery, will be in accordance with the positive and negative battery electrolyte materials and, if the battery positive and negative materials are exactly the same, so no matter how big is the volume of the battery, the geometric structure, the open circuit voltage are the same. Discharge ( 放电) : if the battery in the process of discharge, more than the battery discharging termination voltage value, continue to discharge, he may be the cause of the battery internal pressure increases, positive and negative active material of reversible damage, reduce battery capacity of the. The depth of discharge ( 放电深度DOD) : in the process of battery, the battery emits the percentage of the capacity of its rated capacity, called the depth of discharge. Discharge the discretion of the depth and secondary battery charge life has a deep relationship, the deeper the depth of discharge when the secondary battery, the charging life is short, so when use should try to avoid deep discharge. Charge ( 负责) : when the battery charging, in after reaching full state, if continue to charge, may cause the battery internal pressure rise, battery case, such as deformation, midnight battery performance will be significantly reduced and damage. The energy density ( 能量密度) : battery release by average per unit volume or the quality of electric energy. General under the same volume, the energy density of lithium ion battery is nickel cadmium battery 2. Five times, it is 1 of nimh batteries. Eight times, so the battery capacity under the condition of equal, lithium ion batteries will be smaller than the volume of nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries, lighter in weight. Self discharge ( 自我放电) : battery used or in any conditions, due to various reasons, causes the power loss phenomenon. If in a month to calculate, lithium ion battery self discharge is about 1% About 3% - 2%, nickel metal hydride battery self discharge 5%. Charging cycle life ( 循环寿命) : rechargeable batteries used in repeated charge and discharge, battery capacity gradually decreases to 60% of the initial capacity - back 80%. Termination voltage ( 切, 放电电压) : the point at which the battery discharge, the voltage drop to the battery should not continue to discharge the minimum operating voltage value. According to the different cell types and different discharge conditions, the requirement of the capacity and life of battery is different also, so regulation of the termination of the battery discharge voltage is not the same.
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