Easy fever lithium battery or the cause of the problem - of the Boeing 787-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-20
A 16, all Nippon airways Boeing 787 jet from ube of Japan airport, 15 minutes after upgraded to the height of 9000 meters, the cockpit instrument display of the front of the fuselage of the transformer room inside the smoke, the plane main battery display abnormal, then the cockpit and cabin is full of the smell of anxious burnt, the machine and to make an emergency landing at the airport by takamatsu. Boeing 787 jet frequent after put into operation fuel leak, the braking system failure and flight outsider prevented the glass cracks and other issues. In general, new aircraft there will be some failure occurs in the early running, called & other; Throughout early adverse reaction &; And the problem seems to be the so-called & other; Throughout early adverse reaction &; Different. Quoted aviation security adviser sakuma show wu said, fill up the plane to fly at a distance will be more prone to fuel leak, but abnormal battery problems cause control system is a very serious condition, may result in a plane crash. From the perspective of the practice of the industry generally, at present the aircraft general use lead and nickel battery, but Boeing 787 jet in order to improve the efficiency of accumulator volume, used the lithium battery, and USES a technology with higher levels of Japanese companies manufacturing of lithium battery. Sakuma show wu said that lithium batteries are often quoted fever fault, the fault of the main causes of some column may lie in lithium batteries. , an associate professor at Tokyo university of technology granite and also said that the lithium battery is easily heating equipment, especially influenced by the pressure change during the process of the aircraft in flight and the expansion of the compression, could lead to the lithium battery fire.
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