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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-14
Although electric vehicle battery sulfide phenomenon is irreversible, but there are some methods can reduce the generation of sulfide. Sulfide is the main reason of the phenomenon: the large current discharge, depth of discharge and recharge not in time, frequent charging, charging time is too short, and the charger itself factors, etc. To reduce the electric vehicle battery sulfide, prolong the service life of the battery, first of all to improve working conditions for electric vehicles. Reduce the body weight, appropriate speed limits, do not carry heavy things, when not in use for a long time to do addition charge, best can timely charge after each discharge, completes the under-voltage protection, defend the battery discharge. According to electric era is understood, ev lead-acid battery charging in use process, vulcanization problems are inevitable, this is because in the discharge process of lead sulfate, part can form extremely difficult to decompose the crystallization of adhesion on the positive and negative plate, not to restore normal charging way. Over time, in the plate on the formation of the inactive lead sulfate crystals will be more and more, and finally make the plate completely lose activity, this is the biggest cause of cell aging. Or you can also use the specialized equipment for sulphur removal maintenance, such as using the desktop rapid sulphur removal equipment, selection can be used in addition to sulfur charger, on-line lead-acid battery nobu and etc. In addition, electric vehicle batteries to provide a good working environment can greatly reduce vulcanization, the phenomena of any kind of solution to eliminate electric vehicle battery sulfide will more or less damage to certain electric car battery plates.
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