Does Power Kingdom provide ODM service?
Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd. supplies ODM services. We've got the capacity to make completely customized large deep cycle battery according to client requirements. Our experienced development team will lead you through the whole ODM process, by choosing materials and producing designs to defining ultimate specifications. Our firm owns and operates innovative testing and assembly facilities, supplying flexible manufacturing needs and total customization services.

Power Kingdom started with production of sealed lead acid battery. Power Kingdom's main products include deep cycle battery gel series. The production of Power Kingdom vrla battery is of a high standard. It meets the building industry's critical standards and regulations such as the latest safety science and environmental protection certifications. The self-discharge of this product is among the lowest of rechargeable battery systems. This product is flame resistant. Its fabrics have been treated with special chemical agents or finishes to make it resistant to burning. Depending on the power conversion technology incorporated, it can go from accepting energy to supplying energy instantaneously.

our team strives to establish a technological advantage through teamwork and innovation. Welcome to visit our factory!
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