Criteria for selecting models of energy storage batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

The criteria for selecting the model of energy storage battery:

Because the battery is a key component of the power quality analysis of the energy storage power plant, it is necessary to consider the following provisions:

*Considering the high operating frequency And large working current, it is easy to complete the multi-method composition colloidal solution battery;

*The testability and diagnosis of battery capacity and characteristics enable the automatic control system to operate the battery load according to the battery capacity and characteristics;


*High safety factor and reliability: In all normal applications, the normal service life of rechargeable batteries is not less than 15 years;

Under extreme conditions, even common faults are also acceptable It should not cause harm to the safe operation of power plants such as explosions and ignitions.

*Good fast response and high-power battery charging capacity, generally 5-10 times the battery charging capacity;

*High battery charging efficiency;

*Easy to install and maintain;

Good adaptability to the natural environment, wide operating temperature range;

According to the regulations of ecological environment protection, in the entire rechargeable battery In the process of manufacturing, application and procurement, EPS batteries will not cause damage and environmental pollution to the natural environment;

How to add water:

1. Rechargeable batteries must be charged within 1-2 Within hours.

2. After applying the rechargeable battery, the level gauge can still be accurately measured (preventing the splash plate as a standard) (to ensure that the charging electrode plate is not exposed in the previous charging cycle).

3. The level gauge should be 5-11mm higher than the waterproof box board of the socket, but not too high.

4. After the battery charging cycle several times, the liquid battery of the rechargeable battery cannot be charged. The battery is charged in Fuyang, and the liquid ratio of the rechargeable battery. If the ratio is too low or the ratio of the rechargeable batteries in each module is inconsistent, add hydrochloric acid. Then adjust the ratio to the middle ()g/cm3 (make the liquid ratio of each module rechargeable battery close to the same). After adjustment, battery charging will make the battery liquid even, this should be done by a technician.

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