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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-29
In recent days, chencun, inspect bureau to law enforcement officials for counterfeit battery case with busy & other; As a bee & throughout; , especially seized the day and even the next day at two o 'clock in the morning. On May 25, the counterfeit case after a treatment, finally come to an end. It is understood that the company is located in the hills north industrial area involved male surplus logistics city B2 the fifth floor of the company, due to the frequent closed, hence has attracted the attention of chencun, inspect bureau. The afternoon of May 23, law enforcement officers came to post north industrial zone, and found that from the company sounds magnificent and noise of the machine and acrid from sour, law enforcement officials came to the company the door knocking at the door, but inside there is no response, rolling also stopped. Conducting treats, execute the law personnel aware of possible illegal inside production behavior, and to the surrounding enterprises realized that the enterprise is a battery production enterprises, at ordinary times the door is always closed. Then contact law enforcement personnel to open the doors of the company property the lessor inspection, from the production site confirmed that this is a battery manufacturer, covers an area of about 1700 square meters, the surface does not have any illegal evidence. Careful search, but the law enforcement officers found the belt & other Panasonic” 119, famous brand mark of finished product storage battery, a value of about 100000. The trademark signs, a total of 35816 pieces, commodity specification and certificate, 1225; Has not been any labels battery products a total of 2682, a value of about 1 million. Law enforcement personnel on-site asked, identification after preliminary investigation, we determine the battery factory infringement of a registered trademark of others. At present, the case is still under further investigation, preliminary estimates of the enterprise behavior has violated the criminal law, the relevant personnel have been detained by the public security organ, and shall be investigated for their criminal responsibility according to law. Law enforcement personnel to the illegal production site to clean up, and seal processing of a batch of counterfeit batteries.
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